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Max Grundig

The GRUNDIG AKADEMIE was established in 1978 as a non-profit-making foundation by Max Grundig, one of the most innovative German industrialists of the post-war era. From the very beginning, the GRUNDIG AKADEMIE has regarded itself as an educational institution that not only teaches very specific technical and business know-how in targeted training courses, but also imparts extensive knowledge for different kinds of occupational groups in longer-term further education.

In 1991, the GRUNDIG AKADEMIE established a branch in Gera. In the following years, other educational institutions were integrated into the GRUNDIG AKADEMIE GRUPPE, in order to further broaden its range of services. The GRUNDIG AKADEMIE GRUPPE includes TOP Business GmbH, formerly Philips Academy, in Nuremberg and Hamburg and an executive training academy, WiSo-Führungskräfte-Akademie (WFA), in Nuremberg . WFA is a non-profit limited company at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and serves as a link to the scientific community.


The GRUNDIG AKADEMIE GRUPPE is a specialist in further education. We provide specialized management, technology, telecommunication and IT trainings, that meet the individual needs of our customers all over the world.

These courses cater for companies and their employees. Customized training and vocational education projects for companies and organizations, as well as open 2-3 day seminars and longer-term further education, have formed part of the core business of the GRUNDIG AKADEMIE for many years. We accompany organizational and personnel development processes, coach teams and projects and design customized supplementary training for companies and organizations.


Vocational Schools of Engineering

Since the foundation of the Academy, the state-approved vocational schools have formed one of the main pillars in our educational work. About 12,000 students have been trained to become state-approved technicians since 1978. More than 800 students are currently preparing for their professional future at the schools of engineering in fields such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, structural engineering and heating and ventilation and air-conditioning.

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