Project Management Basics according PMI®

Project work plays an important role in today's working world. Some people wonder whether they should even bother with classic project management or whether agile methods like Scrum might not be a better choice. That's why it's good to have an overview of both worlds.

To ensure project success, there are a variety of methods and tools in classic and agile project management - from project planning to project execution to controlling and closing the project. And there are hybrid project management hybrids. In this training you will get an overview of project management from both worlds, with a focus on classic project management.

You will learn how to define and achieve project goals. You will be able to plan and monitor your projects and thus lead them to the desired success. During the training there is the possibility to discuss directly with the trainer and the other participants and also to exchange current issues and experiences. And you work with your projects.

Projektmanagement ist

Target Group

All persons who work on projects and thus contribute to the success of the project: (future) project managers, managers of the line organization, project staff or persons who are already or will be working on a project in the near future and assistants who are involved in the organization and coordination of projects.

Your Benefits

  • You will gain a very good understanding of modern project management according to the PMI® (Project Management Institute) standard. You will get to know the most important contemporary and field-proven tools to successfully initiate, plan, execute, control and close your projects.
  • You will get a rough overview of agile project management as well as mixed forms (hybrid project management).
  • We work with the projects and topics of the participants ("bring your project").
  • You will learn how to put the acquired knowledge into practice


  • Interactive learning, fun exercises, energizers and relaxation.
  • Learning path in the seminar room, which makes the individual stages of project management experienceable and understandable
  • Impulse lectures, group exercises, own projects as case studies
  • Group work in which you work on your own projects
  • Feedback and practical transfer
  • Project reports from the trainer's experience as a project manager and project coach

Key Features

  • What is a project and how do I set up a professional project organization?
  • The project mission with goals, responsible parties and high-level business case
  • How the environment influences project success - stakeholder analysis and communication plan
  • Identifying and managing risks at an early stage - risk management
  • Project planning from work breakdown structure to scheduling
  • The RACI matrix defines who has what role
  • Estimates - how to plan realistic deadlines
  • Milestones and critical path - how to meet your deadlines
  • Managing changes in the project - the change request
  • Project controlling with earned value methods
  • Project closure with documentation and celebration of success
  • Overview of Agile Project Management - from product idea to retrospective
  • Special features of agile project management, forms of hybrid project management


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3 days



Contact Person

Genel Müdür Murat Kisacik - Manager Global Sales Education

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