Project Management Basics according PMI® for project teams members

The seminar provides a uniform understanding of projects as well as the basic methods and tools of project management so that you can perform your role in the project confidently and make an important contribution to the success of the project. You will be familiar with the analog and digital instruments of information and communication and know how to use them efficiently for good cooperation in the project team. According to DIN 69 901, a project is "An undertaking that is essentially characterized by uniqueness of conditions in its entirety." Specifications of this definition vary widely in the literature, but there is broad agreement on the characteristics of projects:

  • targeted
  • limited in time
  • interdisciplinary
  • complex
  • high novelty content or unique
  • limited resources

Projektmanagement ist

Target Group

Project staff or persons who are already or will be in the near future involved in a project and assistants who are involved in the organization and coordination of projects.

Your Benefits

  • You will learn to act independently and to handle typical project situations with confidence.
  • You will get an overview of the PMI® project management standards, which include the most important processes and tools.
  • We work on projects and problems of the participants ("bring your project").


  • Interactive impulse lectures with the possibility for discussion and exchange
  • Familiarization with and application of many project management tools
  • Group exercises in small groups or in separate breakout rooms (in the case of online seminars) to deepen what you have learned on the basis of your projects.
  • Integration of project examples
  • Consultation on the projects brought in by the participants
  • Work on various digital platforms (MS Teams, Miro), which participants can also use for their project work

Key Features

  • What is a project (criteria)?
  • Initiating projects up to the project order
  • Roles in projects
  • Requirements for project managers, project staff and clients
  • New requirements due to digitization
  • Basic forms of project organization
  • What belongs to the project, what does not (scope & work breakdown structure)?
  • How are realistic deadlines planned?
  • Resource planning and cost budgeting
  • What are project risks and how do you counter them?
  • (Digital) communication management in the project (e.g. MS Teams, Outlook, Miro)
  • Project implementation and control
  • Project documentation
  • Project closure

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2 days



Contact Person

Genel Müdür Murat Kisacik - Manager Global Sales Education

+90 212 264 56 35

+90 532 696 64 60