IPMA Level D – Certified Project Management Associate

Advanced training for project management professionals

IPMA® Level D - Knowing how it works. For advanced learners.
For people who want to deepen their PM knowledge and master methods with confidence, there is the IPMA Level D.

This includes: Work package managers, students in degree programs with strong project management content, trainees in dual vocational training and experienced professionals who want to underpin their previous experience with sound PM knowledge.

Through extensive exercises, participants learn to further develop their own project management skills and to apply PM methods confidently in everyday life. Experience in project management or professional training is not a prerequisite.

After successful certification, participants may use the title IPMA® Level D - Certified Project Management Associate.

The 3 steps to IPMA Level D

  • Participation in IPMA® Level D - Certified Project Management Associate
  • Registration for the certification examination at PM-ZERT
  • Written examination of 180 minutes or written examination of 90 minutes and report of 25 pages

Target Group

  • Prospective project managers
  • Experienced professionals who want to underpin their previous experience with in-depth PM knowledge
  • Work package managers
  • Students in degree programs with strong project management content
  • Trainees in dual vocational training programs
  • Persons who are certified in the basic level

Your Benefits

  • Recognize the relevance of communication and teamwork
  • Safely apply project management methods in everyday life
  • Develop your own project management skills
  • Consolidation of knowledge and practical transfer through extensive exercises
Completion of the Level D qualification and successful certification allows for a simple and straightforward learning upgrade to IPMA® Level C, as well as discounted Level C certification.


  • Seminar-like lectures in permanent dialogue
  • Learn nuggets and vital learner journey
  • Flexible switching between live online or face-to-face sessions
  • Compact learning materials and the most comprehensive reference material in the German-speaking world
  • Practice-relevant examples and exercises
  • Practicing and testing together in a team
  • Methods Self-organization

Key Features

  • All competence elements of ICB4 at the level relevant for Level D.
  • Focus on methodological competencies with strong practical relevance
  • Development of own competencies in project management
  • including communication, meeting and information management, creativity and problem solving techniques, time and self management
  • Understanding the holistic approach for a sustainable and success-oriented life in complex tasks e.g. projects and project portfolio


7 days


The final examination is arranged, conducted and invoiced directly with PM-ZERT (certification body of GPM). The examination is not part of the certification course and is not included in the price. The examination fee for the higher certification is currently 450,- € plus 7 % VAT, for the initial certification 630,- € plus 7 % VAT. Reduced prices apply for students and GPM members.

Contact Person

Genel Müdür Murat Kisacik - Manager Global Sales Education

+90 212 264 56 35

+90 532 696 64 60